After being ashes

After being ashes

After Being Ashes is a fictional feature film project. The screenplay was written by Leo Garcia, the director will be Eduardo Wannmacher and the production company is Pironauta. The film bring about, in a non-linear manner, the role of time and fate in human relationships. Stories of redemption and remission, in which big frustration become bridges to new experiences. A puzzle which, piece after piece, builds up our plot of three loves in three different times. Three women and a man.

A dense and profound drama, whose variety of settings enhances the characters’ inner conflicts: while most scenes take place in Porto Alegre – the home town of our lead character, Raul –, the film will also feature scenes to be shot in Croatia, showing the lovely settings and places of the Eastern European country to Brazilian audiences, which will certainly bring in production value and a distinctiveness for the film.

Feature film | fiction

Eduardo Wannmacher

Leo Garcia

Produced by
Frederico Mendina
Co production
Co productor
Pedro Guindani


Isabel, a young painter from Rio, decides to give it all up and pursue a new life in Croatia. After five years there, she suffers a severe trauma and finds herself alone in the balcan country. Then she meets an unusual man, which even deeper emotional scars than her. Two people on the run, who eventually meet.

In Porto Alegre, Suzy, a young anthropologist, has a brilliant future ahead of her, but her impulsive and rebellious attitudes often manage to set her back on her ambitions. She lives a wild and oscillating life period, seeking for self-awareness, even if this search leads her to go away from everything she treasures.

In her turn, Manuela, a divorced and apparently well-adjusted woman, approaches her 40th birthday as an independent woman. She understands the core of all her patients’ relationships, until one of them enters her life unexpectedly.

These three women, with completely distinct backgrounds, might have only one thing in common: they all loved and were involved with the same man. Under their point of view, through an intricate structure of flashbacks and forwards, we get to know Raul’s life story.


Contemplated in the Santander Award / City of Porto Alegre / APTC for Project Development in 2009. At the beginning of 2015 has earned the Fund of the Government of Rio Grande do Sul. Recently, it was contemplated in Prodecine fund, for complementation of resources for post-production.

In post-production.